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Trailer wars [Sep. 9th, 2006|10:40 pm]
[Current Location |Invercargill]
[mood |tiredtired]

One thing about Australian / New Zealand anime releases is that with one main company (Madman Entertainment) releasing practically everything that's actually available over here, the trailers they sometimes put in their DVDs (under the not particularly intuitive heading "Madman Propaganda") are for a wide variety of stuff that's available. After some of the trailers having looked interesting, I've gone through a lot of my stack of local release stuff and just looked at the trailers for things I haven't watched (or at least picked up a few episodes of for eventual watching).

I've made a point of commenting on all the trailers of shows I haven't seen that I've watched, even some that don't appeal to me at all so be warned that I might say nasty and hurtful things about series other people actually like. (I am a middle aged New Zealander with a "Y" chromosome. Persons not fitting this description are unlikely to share many of my opinions.)

Some titles are probably wrong (words arranged wrong or missing altogether) as there seems to be quite a bit of creative typography going on in the logos. Sorry about that.

Ah My Goddess. This one obviously looks designed to sell a movie (I think) to someone who's already seen the series. As I know nothing about this show it makes little or no sense to me.

Argentosoma. There's a lot of feathers about, and a few robots and rockets, etc., but not a great lot of information. No idea what is supposed to be going on here.

Arjuna. Not quite sure what this is supposed to be about either. The trailer shows a girl in a hospital room having visions of the future. No information as to what she does with them, though.

Armitage. Yes another trailer which tells me practically nothing. Grrrrr.

Bubblegum Crisis. Has a bit of a Judge Dredd look to it. Could be watchable though.

Burn Up Excess. Looks a bit James Bond. Could be watchable. Could be terrible. The trailer doesn't make it obvious which, though, which to my suspicious mind makes me think it is the latter rather than the former.

Captain Herlock. Rather static trailer gives enough info. to guess what the general setting of the series be (although the "Based on the comic Space Pirate Captain Herlock" subtitle would do the same) but not really enough info. to know what the series would be about.

Chobits. Looks very "cute" and "girly" and therefore most avoidable as far as I'm concerned.

Cowboy Bebop. This actually looks rather interesting from the trailer. Sort of like... hmmm... a futuristic Prohibition era. With spaceships. And at least one `seventies-looking Afro. Not sure how serious it would be... wonder if it strikes the right balance between serious plot and demented silliness.

Escaflowne. This looks vaguely interesting although perhaps just a bit too teenage looking.

Excel Saga. With a name like that I'd half expected it to be a series about the trials and tribulations of an accounting spreadsheet computer program. After having viewed the trailer I am of the opinion that the aforementioned serious about a computer program would be more watchable. Far too many cute teddybear looking things. Ugh.

Fici. Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot. I gave up trying to understand the trailer when the scooters appeared.

Full Metal Panic. This honestly looks like they've spliced trailers for two different shows together. One of them is a vaguely interesting looking robots and rockets sort of thing and the other looks a bit high-school-y. Depending on which of those two shows this is actually about it could be vaguely interesting.

Gasaraki. Another Robot Show. This batch of robots look as if they're up against a Big Bad Demon Robot. Or something like that. Hmmmmm.

Ghost in the Shell. I've had this one recommended to me already. (I think. Unless it was a different show and I've got my wires crossed. Which does happen.) It definitely looks like it could be interesting.

GTO. A rather high school looking thing which manages to avoid looking completely avoidable by apparently being about a teacher rather than the students. Said teacher having a bit in common with John Constantine (including the filthy habit).

Gundam Mobile Suit. Well this is obviously old enough that the Japanese post office have put out stamps for the show but it doesn't look that clunky or dated. Although with there being more robots around than anything else you can't really tell. Looks a lot like a SF space war sort of thing and might be interesting although it all looks rather "traditional" (not that not being weird is always a bad thing). I did notice the bloke on the stamp... the one who dresses up like one of the Trevs, complete with black singlet... gets a lot of speaking time, but didn't recognise the others. (As for the stamps... I asked the regular visiting dealer about them, but he's had great difficulty getting Japanese stamps out of their post office in the last few years. You'd almost think they don't want the foreign exchange that selling stamps to dealers would bring...) And there's another trailer for something that looks like a spin-off called "Gundam somethingorother somethingorother Endless Waltz". More of the same.

Hack Sign. This actually looks mildly interesting. The problem here is that it also looks a bit like a virtual reality sort of show which tends to make things a bit confused for little old me. Opinions welcomed.

Haibane Renmei. Another trailer that tells me next to nothing about the series concerned. Looks rather ordinary. Plus scooters. This is the second trailer I've seen that has scooters in it. Vespa-type scooters. You would think that Japanese shows would have stepthrus or Nifty 50's, really, not Italian-type ones... next thing you know there'll be an anime with people driving around in Fiats, or Peugeots, or Vauxhalls. Or maybe not...

Hellsing. There's a lot of shooting in this trailer and not a whole lot of anything else. Apart from a few bats. I suppose the title is supposed to evoke thoughts of vampires and suchlike (Hell / Van Helsing etc.) but I can't say anything here grabbed me at all.

Initial D. This one looks all about car racing. For me a motor sport story needs to have something special about it for me to be that interested in it. E.g The World's Fastest Indian. Unfortunately it looks as if this show doesn't.

Jubei Chan. Not that it's easy to tell from the trailer, but it honestly looks a bit like a one-joke idea (Normal Teenage Girl is designated successor to the Greatest Fighter Japan Has Ever Known. Yeah, right.) Very few one-joke ideas actually end up making decent films, let alone TV series...

Kaidohmaru. Looks mainly martial arts with not a lot else, and the animation quality looked rather low in the trailer. Probably not really my sort of thing.

Kaleido Star. Looks very girly and about gymnasts. Definitely not my sort of thing.

King Of Bandit Jing. Um... errr... I don't think this is aimed at people like me. Or anyone else above the age of, oh, about twelve...

Love Hina. It's all chirpy sounding schoolkids running around and occasionally punching each other into next week. Doesn't really look my sort of thing.

Neon Genesis Evangelion. Well, I watched the trailer and I'm no wiser than I was beforehand. Could be interesting I suppose. Could be weird. Not quite sure what quotes from Paradise Lost are doing in a trailer for an anime but I've seen weirder. Also, is it just me or does "2014" not sound all that far in the future any more? I mean, they're probably already planning the Winter Olympic Games and soccer World Cup for that year... Further to which, another disk had a different trailer in it. Still not really much wiser although it now looks like one of those Future Has Gone Wrong, Plus Robots type stories. With Beethoven in the background this time.

Niea 7. Ummm... what? Might be another high school thing. Hard to tell though. Uninformative.

Noir. Could possibly be interesting. Has a bit of an "Avengers" look to it (we're talking John Steed and Mrs. Peel, here, or possibly the `seventies "New Avengers". Nothing to do with American comics. Or British cars, either).

The Place Promised In Our Early Days.. This one doesn't look all that great to me. Too teenage.

Rahxephon. Not particuarly comprehensible. No information about the series. Looks decently made though.

Read Or Die. Another trailer that tells me nothing. Looks a bit James Bond, a bit martial arts and in half the scenes there's a girl in glasses who looks a bit like Cassie "Wonder Girl" Sandsmark from Young Justice.

Real Bout High School. Anyone having managed to read this far should have figured out by now that high school stories are not my sort of thing. (I survived four and a bit years of high school, escaped in early 1985 and have no wish to revisit those years). This version looks a bit like Hogwarts, Asian style, with more ninjas and fewer wizards. (Which might have made Hogwarts more interesting to read about as well). Looks just a bit... young... for me, though.

Robotech. The name sounds familiar and the animation looks very dated so I might have heard about it ages ago. They actually explain a bit of what's going on, however, which is a plus as far as the trailer is concerned. Probably not quite my sort of thing.

Slayers. Looks rather demented (a plus) but also rather juvenile (a minus). Bonus points for a completely gratuitous Colonel Sanders lookalike in the trailer, though.

Spirited Away. Looks very nicely made, although the Disney connection doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. Still, it looks like a ghost story, has an (Eastern) dragon in it and... what look like a whole lot of Dust Puppies (cf. User Friendly). May be worth watching if I get the chance.

Steel Angel Kurumi. Looks very... girly. No.

Tenchi Muyo. Now that's a name I actually remember seeing from somewhere. No recollection of where though. The trailer looks a bit iffy. Half the scenes look like there could be an interesting story behind them, but the rest... is a bit on the "cute" side which for me would make it a bit on the avoidable side.

Vampire Hunter D. The animation itself looks very high quality... the problem here is, vampire stories have to be particularly good to catch my interest. So do one-man-against-legions-of-the-undead stories (The Walking Dead is one of those that is, even though I'm about one TPB and half a dozen issues behind in my reading of the comic). I'd ideally want to see a couple of episodes of the show before making my mind up about it.

Vampire Princess. This trailer is so short and uninformative that I can't even tell whether or not the series looks interesting, let alone looks interesting enough for me to ask about. Sigh.

Virus Buster Serge. I think that some trailer-makers have a philosophical aversion to actually giving out information about the series they're supposedly advertising. This is one of them. Now the series looks like it could be interesting. Although what sort of virus is involved is not specified (is he a doctor or is he The Nortons That Walks Like A Man?) But as I think I've mentioned already, I'm cynical enough that in cases such as this I suspect that the information that the trailer-maker is missing out is "this is crap". Which would be a shame in this case.

Voices of a Distant Star. This looks like another teenage love sort of thing. With rockets and robots. Probably not my sort of thing.

Volcano High. Not sure what this trailer was doing in the disk as the series concerned is (1) live action, not animated, and (2) almost certainly Korean, not Japanese. (Going by the writing on the screen, that is). As for the trailer itself, it's all very jumping and flying martial arts sort of stuff with all the sort of pipework and gantries about the place that make it look like they've stumbled on Slartibartfast busy building another planet. Not really my sort of thing.

There was also an ad for a "Transformers" cartoon which may or may not have been meant to be in there but which I couldn't be bothered watching (I'd seen about three dozen trailers by then and had been running out of things to say...) But most worrying was one page of a booklet that got included in one of the DVDs. It had a whole lot of info. about other releases Madman Entertainment had been putting out. One of them was something called "Laputa: Castle in the Sky". Now I may not be particularly educated but even I am aware that a floating island called Laputa features in a famous story penned a few hundred years back by one of the most misanthropic bastards who ever put quill to parchment. I would be interested to know whether there is any connection...

[User Picture]From: tjfox
2006-09-09 06:43 pm (UTC)
That is one long list. o.O


Ah My Goddess is a movie and a series. The movie is a few years old (was okay). Haven't seen the new series yet.

Chobits is I think geared towards gus as much as it is girls. Guy finds girl/robot thing takes it home and hilarity follows. Haven't seen that yet either.

Cowboy Bebop watch it. I can't believe you haven't already. :p Very, very good.

Escaflowne was okay. It lost me in the middle though.

Fici I think that's supposed to be FLCL or Furi Kuri for the literal translation. I'm not sure how even to explain this show but it was very amusing. ^_^

Gundam Mobile Suit the only Gundam I watch has SEED in the title. -_-

Hack Sign the best in the .hack series. It does start to get a bit confusing near the end but not too much. I highly recommend it.

Love Hina typical harem based show based off the very good manga.

Neon Genesis Evangelion was...okay. Didn't understand much. >_<

Spirited Away waaaaaaaatch.

Tenchi Muyo the tenchi series are good except Tenchi in Tokyo. Another harem show.

Vampire Hunter D waaaaaaaatch.

Volcano High they showed this dubed on mtv a couple of years ago. Wasn't that great but wasn't bad either.
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[User Picture]From: southerndave
2006-09-11 07:11 am (UTC)
Cowboy Bebop: Thanks for the rec. Haven't seen any of it but it's a name I've seen in a couple of places and the trailer looked interesting enough.
Hack Sign: Thanks, "confusing" isn't necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn't try to get "cute" with it.
Spirited Away: I think I am being Got At.

Long list... well, the typical Madman Entertainment DVD has from 3 to 5 trailers in it, and covers their whole line, so the 30 or so of their DVDs that I have had quite a lot of trailers, even when not counting the ones I'd already seen or made up my mind to get.
"Harem shows"? eeeeep... does not sound like my sort of thing.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: tjfox
2006-09-11 04:04 pm (UTC)
LMAO The Harem shows aren't that bad. :p
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: meganbmoore
2006-09-09 06:58 pm (UTC)
The ones I have a clue about:

Ah My Goddess.: Movie is sequel to OVA series. TVseries is remake. All are good, though I've only seen the first few eps on the TV series(waiting for a set) Likethe OVAs best.

Cowboy Bebop.: Haven't seen. High on my list. One of the most popular.

Escaflowne.: Quite good. Would have been better without the mecha.

Full Metal Panic.: See Cowboy Bebop. Read and liked the first few volumes of the manga.

Ghost in the Shell.: Movies are OK, TV series rocks. Need to finish watching it.

GTO.: And again, see Cowboy Bebop.

Love Hina.: Anime is good, but a pale shadow of the manga. But very much worth watching, even more worth reading.

Noir.: James likes this one. I watched an ep once then got distracted and forgot about it. Need to watch it, though, as I recall the episode being good.

Read Or Die. : Dunno if this is the OVA or the TV series, I ADORE the OVA(prattled about it @ LJ a while back) and have been told good things about the TV series, which is somewhat high in the backlog.

Spirited Away. : Get. And. Watch. This. NOW!!!!!! It's what got me watching anime and remains one of my absolute favorites. Disney has actually done a pretty good job with Miyazaki's movies.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: southerndave
2006-09-11 07:14 am (UTC)
Full Metal Panic: so which of the two shows that seem to be included in the trailer is it, actually?
Ghost in the Shell: It was the movies that got recommended to me, by Crypt who isn't particularly interested in anime but who enjoyed the movies.
GTO: Thanks for the rec., it does sound interesting.
Spirited Away: Yup, definitely being Got At here.
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[User Picture]From: drealkulit
2006-09-10 05:05 pm (UTC)
Teek and Meg... I guess that's my cue, too. LOL

Ah My Goddess - I liked, specially the OVAs. A little to lovey dovey at times, funny on the side. I don't think you'll clamor over it even if you did know aboot it. LOL

Captain Herlock - Watched a few eps, never really grabbed me. Animation is a little dated, well, coz the show is older than most, but I never got into the story either. I guess you'll like it if you like most of the space adventures out there.

Chobits - ROFL. Yes, might be a little too cute for you. Although the end does border on disturbing, so you may want to check it out in the future just out of curiosity. (It tugs at the heart, too, btw T_T)

Cowboy Bebop - Okay, this one you must watch! Great characters, clever lines, lots of action, funny moments, etc etc.

Ghost in the Shell - Definitely interesting. One of those shows that never gets off the air around here. Not really one of my faves since I never got to finish it and really didn't find myself attached to the characters, but it has one of the most solid and most mature plots around.

GTO - Onizuka! LOL Looooove it. Characters make or break a show for me, and this one has tons of great ones. It's little too much male humor at times, but I think it makes up for it. Mostly silliness with bits of drama at times in it. No in-depth plot or anything, just more of a people story type of show.

Initial D - Huuuge following here, specially with the car buffs. Never got that much into it either. Although, I think that's because of the dubbing.

Niea 7 - Watched a few, didn't grab me.

Robotech - Robotech is an 80's cartoon/anime, which ended up having a huge franchise, including comics and videogames. Used to love this when I was a kid, but wasn't really too different from the typical mecha shows of its generation. You might know it as "Macross", too.

Slayers - Part of a trilogy, I think. Haven't seen yet, but I was told to so by my now long lost "son", Juno.

Spirited Away - Don't be put off by its cutesy effect. Definitely one of the best animated movies out there. WATCH.

Vampire Hunter D - Watched a few, but didn't give it enough time coz I didn't like the art style. :P
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: tjfox
2006-09-11 04:03 pm (UTC)
You're kidding right? You must be. The art is amazing! *tries not to throw something at you* :p
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: drealkulit
2006-09-12 05:15 pm (UTC)
LOL I was thinking to myself that I told someone aboot not liking the art on this one and I got a "really?!" reaction. It must be you then! :P

But yeah, don't really like it. o_0
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: southerndave
2006-09-11 07:20 am (UTC)
Chobits: well, "cute" and "girly" already equals "disturbing" as far as I'm concerned. And as a Grumpy NZ Bloke, I don't have a heart to be tugged at.
GTO: Male humour isn't a bad thing, you know...
Robotech: I vaguely know the name "Macross" as well. Sounds like it's trying to be Scottish.
Spirited Away: *Covers head with arms.* All right, all right, I get the hint...
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