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Web comics

These are a set of bookmarks to the web comics I'm keeping track of, kept open mainly so that I can read web comics if I'm ever anywhere that has a decent internet connection. (My home internet connection is almost dead; in fact, if I disappear from the internet for an extended length of time, it is because I have kicked my current provider to the kerb and haven't arranged a new one yet).

I've linked a lot of the names not only to the comic itself but to my review of the comic; as I tend to keep my archives friends-locked, some of them may no longer be viewable without logging in. To anyone interested in reading them: please let me know if you want to be added.

Recommendations of web comics I haven't already added to the list are always welcome. But please note that the reason some well known comics aren't on these lists is that they don't really appeal to me.

A bunch of old background updates

May August October update: Still working away at the backlog -v-e-r-y- -s-l-o-w-l-y-.

March update: Catching up with backlog is on hold for the time being, but have got this post up to date, at least.

February update: Still trying to get somewhere with catching up with comics. With the current dire state of my internet connection I only really get much read while visiting. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

As always I'm still looking for suggestions of web comics to read.

January update: I haven't got nearly as many web comics read over the break as I would have liked to (so much for my new year's resolution to "read more web comics"!) but will keep this at the top of the journal for possible future reference anyway. Again, I'm always interested in recommendations of web comics people think I might be interested in. So any suggestions are most welcomed.

I'm also shifting around categories to take into account web comics I've now caught up with.

New explanation:

I'm post-dating this entry so that it stays at the top, mainly to make it easier for me to find. I hope to spend at least a couple of days of the summer break (this is a country where everything closes on 24th December and hardly anywhere is open again until the second week of January) in places which actually have liveable with Internet connections.

Original message from mid November:

As I am hoping to be somewhere that there is actual moderate speed internet over the weekend, I thought I'd just put up some links to web comics I've heard about, read about or browsed over to and thought may be interesting reading some time I'm actually some place where the internet doesn't take five or ten minutes to load each daily strip of something.

This is fairly much for my own reference - the main reason it's not private or anything is that I have this bad habit of forgetting things like passwords, or lists of passwords - but if there's anything that anyone thinks I'd enjoy that isn't on my list, then by all means sing out.

List of bookmarks

These are here for various reasons: some look at least vaguely interesting and that I'd like to have a decent read of; some are by people I know to be talented and would be keen to read; some I have had recommended to me; some just sound interesting from their description and at least one is on the Must Find Out About list due to having a character with a distinct resemblance to a certain rufocephalophile. One batch was automatically generated as "comics I'd probably like" and I'm still taking recommendations for, basically, anything that isn't already listed on this page that anyone thinks I'd like.

Bang Barstal. Recommended to me as part of a big batch.
Beyond Rapture. Noticed it and thought it looked interesting.
Blue Crash Kit. Electronically recommended to me.
Boondocks. Electronically recommended to me.
Broken Plot Device.. Looked interesting.
Cry Havoc. Looked interesting.
Fainting Spells. Recommended to me as part of a big batch.
Flipside. Looked interesting.
The Forsaken. Recommended to me as part of a big batch.
Fox Tails. Electronically recommended to me.
General Protection Fault. Recommended to me.
The Gods' Pack. Noticed it and thought it looked interesting.
"Heroes" the web comic - Supplement to the TV series. Recommended to me.
Home on the Strange. Recommended to me.
ISO. Apparently some sort of sequel to "The Class Menagerie".
Metal Wing. Electronically recommended to me.
Nine Lives. Electronically recommended to me.
Nocturnal Essence. Electronically recommended to me.
No Rest for the Wicked. Recommended to me as part of a big batch.
Penny Arcade. Recommended to me.
Teaching Baby Paranoia. Recommended to me as part of a big batch.
Vinci and Arty. Electronically recommended to me.
A Werewolf Story. Recommended to me.
Withershins. Recommended to me as part of a big batch.
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. Recommended to me.

A recent batch that I may as well keep in one place until I've had a read through of some or all of each of them to decide whether I want to keep reading them:

Clan of the Cats.
College Roomies from Hell.
Cry Havoc.
Family Man
Hanna is not a boy's name.
Skin Deep.

Just as a bit of a guide as to what I want to read in a comic: These are the series I've caught up with so far (many already with links to comments, opinions and reviews, and I might add more links if I ever get myself organised):

(I'm now breaking this list into two parts. The second part are comics for which I've managed to track down a reliable RSS feed, or a livejournal which keeps track of updates. This first part is for comics where I haven't managed to find a reliable update tracking system yet. Please note that this has nothing to do with my opinion of the quality of any of these comics.)

Comics I need to keep track of manually, plus comics I've recently added:

Alpha Luna the Werewolf Girl - Good werewolf story with good art and loads of character.
Blackbird. May update: Good story, good characters but it takes the imitation manga style just a little too far. (Reading right to left, that's almost liveable with after a while... but the whole business about having shadows in the centre guttering of the page gets really old, really quickly...) RSS feed appears to be broken.
Carry On. April update: Decent if undemanding anthropomorphic soap opera.
Cat Legend. August update: Wildly uneven story with some good bits and a lot of average bits. Used to have an RSS feed, but it now seems to have disappeared.
The Changing Workplace . January 2008 review: Bureaucrats managing the business of shape-shifting. Okay but unexceptional.
Crossroads. August 2008: Read and enjoyed.
Cross Time Café Enjoyed. RSS feed now seems to have disappeared.
End of Infinity October update: Promising so far.
Faux Pas. January 2008 review: Charming, beautifully drawn, well characterised, mildly anthropomorphic story about animals working as extras in films. Highly recommended.
Freefall. September update: Works well on at least three levels. Good story, art and characters. Highly recommended.
Gaming Guardians. August 2008: Busy soap opera. Just relax and enjoy the ride.
Henry and Patrick. June 2008: Readable, used to have an annoying interface.
Peter is the Wolf. June 2008: Marginal due not so much to thin plot as excessive explicit material.
Quest of the Therian Urn. April update: Readable cursed shape-shifter road trip story.
Twilight Agency. October update: Good story and characters, need to work through the text archive some time.
The Wandering Ones - I know nothing about this one, but the first page (not the most recent one - which right at this moment has a spelling mistake in it) would have kept me glued to the story... except that it is incredibly slow to load on dial-up. February edit: Caught up now. Great comic. Quite old-fashioned in a good way. Very reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling but without the jingoism.
Were|Wolf. June 2008: Good story, interesting reversal, horrible site design.
The Whiteboard. February update: The comic's not nearly as obsessed with paintball as the characters are; instead you get good characters and fairly much universal workshop humour. Most enjoyable.

This next batch of comics may or may not have reliable RSS / Live Journal feeds, but at the moment they are more or less inactive so I can't really tell either way.

Apollo 9. December update: Good reading.
Ark the Improbable. May update: Promising looking monster-hunter story. Good so far.
Asheron. November update: Enjoyed.
The Class Menagerie. December update: Good reading. Outstanding characters. Story has finished now.
Earthbound. August update: Interesting demon story. Appears to have vanished from the internet, unfortunately.
Foxblood.. Formerly known as Red Gate Society. August update: Good story and characters. Appears to be inactive.
Freighter Tails. April update: Space opera with an interesting start so far.
Fur Will Fly. April update: Regular idiot transported to anthropomorphic dimension in a freak accident. Readable and sometimes quite good. Apparently finished now.
Good Cheese. January 2008 review: Anthropomorphic high school story. Okay but unexceptional. From the same writer/artist as "Roza". Apparently finished now.
Heroine Club Four. June 2008: Enjoyed.
Intermittent Tangents - Not quite sure what this one's about - the first page doesn't seem to have anything to do with the most recent - but I like the line art style and it's drawn by a friend so I definitely want to give it a read. January edit: Wildly variable quality but at least one storyline of this series is a classic. I'm keeping watch on this one.
Jazz Age. June update: Good 1920s vintage Indiana Jones type of stories with a distinct "noir" touch to them. Currently putting a dead tree archive up on the site.
The Kitchen Sink. November update: Enjoyed.
Lunar Diaries. October update: Enjoyed it.
Lupus. April update: Nascent werewolf story with a particularly original art style.
Lytherion Legends. Enjoyed it, but it seems to have been abandoned now.
Newtown Ghetto Anger - Sharp, funny and so un-stylish that it's just about gone full circle and become stylish again. Probably requires explanation for readers living anywhere farther north than Cape Reinga.
Outcast. June 2008: Enjoyed. Promising story.
Pointless. June and August updates: Artistic style takes a bit of getting used to but the characters and mystery behind them are very worthwhile. Appears to have vanished from the internet now.
Radioactive Panda. May update: Not bad, somewhat odd. Appears to have finished.
Roomies. December update: Good reading; just imagine there are no crossovers, only coincidences.
She-Wolf, the Canine Crusader. June 2008: Enjoyed.
Stupid Moon. June 2008: Readable but unexceptional.
Three D Comics. August 2008: Interesting idea without a lot behind it.
Thunder and Lightning October update: Enjoyed it. Now appears to have vanished from the Internet.
Unknown. June 2008: Enjoyed.
Werechild. October update: Enjoyed it.
Wolf (Smack Jeeves comic). May update: Manga styled, looks like it's going to be good but only just starting at the moment.
Wolf Antlers. November update: Looks promising.
Wolf Tears. November update: Looks promising.

Comics with RSS / Live Journal feeds:

Allos. June update: Forget objectivity. Just read this comic, already...
Altermeta. Enjoyed.
Animal Instinct. Ambitious comic from a very young writer. Earliest chapters are sometimes very hard to read but the artwork improves steadily and is beginning to take on an interesting children's-illustrator quality.
Beast of Eden. Enjoyed.
Black Forest. June 2008: Enjoyed.
Black Tapestries - Got pointed to this one about a year ago and like it a lot even though it gets a bit byzantine here and there. And which I might have a re-read of as well.
Bristled. Good characters. Comic is still fairly much in its formative stages but already looks quite professional. Fun although nothing in the comic itself has been quite as amusing as the little character vignette just next to the main logo...
Buttercup Festival. August 2008: Nicely drawn and nicely surreal.
Carpe Diem. Enjoyed.
Cheer. May update: Spin-off to "The Wotch" (q.v.) Nothing great but worth ploughing through for the occasional "The Wotch" character cameo.
Code Name: Hunter. May update: Classy comic, good supernatural story and intriguing stained-glass looking artwork.
Coming Up Violet. April update: Sequel to "Fur Will Fly" (q.v.), starting off interestingly enough although a bit teenage.
Crikey Duck. May update: Anthropomorphic and Australian. Mildly amusing con-man story.
The Cyantian Chronicles. November update: Good reading. A complex interconnected series of comics, featuring Shivae!; Gralen Cragg Hall; Genoworks Saga; Akaelae (October update: Good story, seems connected to other stories I hadn't had time to work my way through yet at that point); Sink or Swim; Campus Safari; Cesilee's Diary; and No Angel.
Digger - recommended to me. May edit: Good story, interesting artwork, great characters, shame about how the last third of the archive is subscription only.
A Doemain Of Our Own. October update: Enjoyed it although it sometimes feels like I'm intruding on something private.
Dungeons and Denizens. April update: Amusing story about what goes on "behind the scenes" in a typical Dungeon.
End of Things. May update: Good art, tolerable student angst story.
Exterminatus Now. August update: fun but very British in a jokes-about-bodily-functions way. If you can cope with the idea of Van Helsing told in the style of South Park meets the Young Ones, this shouldn't be too difficult. And it is quite often quite funny.
Footloose. August 2008: Part adventure story, part completely absurd but good fun all the same.
Foxfire Chronicles - sort of X-Files meets shapeshifters.
Freak Angels. May update: Excellent. More mainstream comic creators should be giving web comics a go, if this is the sort of stuff that results.
Furthia High. May update: Only mildly readable, otherwise disappointingly ordinary high school story.
Get Mediaeval. October update: Good story, written by someone who knows their history, frequent updates. Another highly recommended comic.
Girl Genius - recommended to me. April and August updates: Interesting story, very classy art.
Indexed. May update: Like "XKCD", but even more so. Fun and geeky.
Kaspall. May update: Intriguing interdimensional story involving offworlders and nasty things slipping through the cracks between realities.
Kismetropolis - Started off interesting, then my internet connection went into one of its mostly dead phases and I got so far behind I'd need to start again and then catch up. January edit: Caught up now. Story's getting good. It's a keeper.
Lackadaisy. June update: Reasonable story with great art. Anthropomorphic cats in the United States during the Prohibition era.
Lunatic Chaos. Enjoyed.
Medusa's Moon. June 2008: Enjoyed.
Megatokyo.. August 2008: Enjoyed. American manga that actually works.
Minus - recommended to the world in general and I noticed. March edit: Charming and somewhat alarming. Well worth reading.
Never Never. Recommended to me. October update: Enjoyed it.
Night Shift. Enjoyed.
Ookami Shiro. June 2008: Enjoyed.
Outsider. May update: Good space opera in the making.
Paradigm Shift. May edit: Good artwork and shaping up to be a good werewolf story with a solid police story framework.
Piled Higher and Deeper - recommended to me. June update: Student life somewhere in America (Stanford, I am informed. Not sure what Stanford is, though, so I'm still fairly lost). Good enough so that even the stuff that goes over my head can be lived with.
Purgatory Tower. November update: Huge concept. Good story.
Questionable Content - recommended to me. January edit: Caught up now. Good character stuff and like the emphasis on music even if it's the music of the generation after mine.
Roza. Enjoyed.
Sandusky. April update: Fun. One man and his cat; thankfully, the cat is not Garfield but a mountain lion.
Sluggy Freelance - which I might have a bit of a catch up on as well, their Live Journal RSS feed was broken for a while earlier this year.
Sorcery 101. December update: Refreshingly "different" take on the supernatural. Highly recommended. Read the character biographies first.
Starfire Agency. Enjoyed.
Suburban Jungle - just been pointed to this one. Anthropomorphic comic. The particular day I was pointed to had a vague sort of Dilbert atmosphere to it and was rather funny. February edit: Fun and well written. Good characters and very professional looking.
Supernatural Law - recommended to me, forwarded, forgotten and remembered again. May update: Amusing tales about a law firm specialising in the macabre. There seems to be a huge print archive that hasn't been published on the web yet.
Theri There. April update: Interesting comic, more educational than entertaining but with particularly nice line art.
21st Century Fox. January 2008 review: Serious ideas and appalling puns collide in this comic. Good story, the romantic sequences are a bit much though.
Two Kinds - recommended to me. April edit: Good story, very manga style.
Two Way Mirror. December update: Good reading.
Unshelved - recommended to me. April edit: Consistently funny and often very smart.
User Friendly. The first web comic I read the entire archive of, way back some time last century. Tends to be not to people's taste these days but I still like it a lot, the jokes are still funny and the shenanigans are uncannily like what happens at work.
Werewolf Richard. May update: Intriguing and rather "different". Huge cast of characters gets a bit confusing later on.
Wereworld. June 2008: Surprisingly good if explicit Starship Trooper story that's developing well.
Wolf (Drunk Duck comic). August 2008: Read and enjoyed.
The Wotch - Have known about this one for a while but never been in the right place at the right time to catch up to date with it. April edit: Interesting and a good read, even though the setting is very foreign to me.
XKCD. April update: Good, but so well known it's fairly impossible to add anything to what is already said about it.

And these are comics which I gave a try to but which didn't really appeal to me. Please note that this isn't me saying "this comic is bad"; it's me saying "I didn't like this comic". There is a difference.

Ctrl+Alt+Del. February update: Was Readable but nothing all that special. I've grown bored with it since then and can't be bothered reading it any more.
Order of the Stick - recommended to me. April edit: Didn't make much of an impression on me. I don't get the jokes as I've never actually played D&D.
Plush and Blood: The Unstuffed - found while browsing around. Was an interesting part noir, part Orwellian story so far, although it's fairly much just starting. However it hasn't really gone anywhere and I've found it more trouble to read than its entertainment value would have been.

So if there is anything else that people are following that you think I'll enjoy... or even if you just want to recommend a friend's comic or anything like that... now's the time. Particularly if it's a comic that's got a working Live Journal RSS feed (glares at "User Friendly"). After all the worst I can do is read a few pages, decide I'm not interested and go and read something else...

Updated: Have included the recommendations I've received (including a couple passed on by word of mouth) and have alphabetised them so I can tell at a glance whether I've already included something or not...
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