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2066 and all that

Caught up with a few more web comics in the last week or so.

More specifically, the first year or so of The Wandering Ones.

So far I'm quite enjoying the comic. It's a future (post-collapse) wilderness survival type of story, with a whole range of influences ranging from Rudyard Kipling to Mad Max. The artwork is variable but mostly good, the story is complex and the characters are interesting.

It's quite old-fashioned in style and content; there's little violence or bad language - not that it doesn't happen, but is often off-screen. On at least one occasion a character's line is reported as "(expletive deleted)", which should amuse anyone who knows me off-line.

About the only flaw in this comic - and only occasionally at that - is when the writer/artist starts lecturing the reader. (Not preaching - he's speaking from a lectern, not a pulpit.) Most notably this happens during a couple of sequences when characters are being taught how to track animals etc. A mitigating factor here is that what he's lecturing about is actually interesting.

Still, this is another web comic which is now definitely on the "KEEP" list.
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