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Been reading web comics again

Was somewhere there is actually a halfway decent Internet connection this afternoon so did a bit more web comic browsing. Caught up with a comic I've just had recommended to me. Now, I think this one's a good one... with one major, major problem.

Now, I have only bashed a very few people over the head, and most of them in the last few weeks, but I'm still pretty sure that most people's heads don't go "Bong"

Digger is a story about a wombat, the eponymous hero of the story (Digger of Overly Convoluted Tunnels, to give her full name), and her bizarre adventures after tunnelling somewhere she really shouldn't have. On her way she meets various hags, hyenas, temple guards shared between various gods and other bizarre creatures.

The story seems to be quite obviously written by someone who has a serious interest in all sorts of arcane subjects... geology, biology, anthropology, folklore etc. ... and seems all the better for it (as it is also all the better for being written by someone who doesn't make typos on every third page). It's a bit hard to describe without giving away too many plot points, but one important thing is that its strength is in its characters. Practically every character gets a personality, even once-off walk-on characters. Not much detail is wasted either; off-hand comments may be recalled many pages later.

A few of my favourite moments: Here, which reminds me of a real-life event; here, where Digger first meets one of the hyenas; here, where Digger points out something that a few commentators on current events need to learn; here, where we learn that wombats are by no means the strangest talking creatures in the story; here, where Digger gets all gloomy and introspective, and the comic plays along... until you notice the graffiti at the bottom; and here, where Digger finds herself trying to explain the nature of evil to a living shadow with no concept thereof. But it's hard to pick out favourites; the characters and dialogue are excellent throughout the story.

Now for the major, major problem. The last third or so of the comic is subscription-only. So there's a large gap between the last public page of the archive and the current page (which may be of interest to anthropologists but is not recommended to people who hated liver when young). I have no idea at what rate the archive becomes public, or if it ever will, but that shouldn't overshadow the quality of the story as a whole.
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