Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

You know you've seen too many "macros" when...

...you get an email forwarded to you from loladmin@linz.govt.nz and for a moment you think it's going to be an embarrassing photograph of the Chief Surveyor with a humorous caption, instead of actually being digital survey plans from Land On Line...

And a You Tube link for anyone who likes classic `eighties pop: Martha and the Muffins. Took half an hour, but I managed to get enough of it downloaded to last night to confirm that it was "Echo Beach" (the only song of theirs I know). Great stuff. (Found by Paul Litterick of The Fundy Post).

(Edited to add: Emails seem to have started trickling through again. Still very not happy with my ISP though.)
Tags: ihug sucks, music: martha and the muffins, surrealism
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