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Sounds like us

The National Programme has been somewhat amusing this evening.

There's apparently a new show starting in a few minutes' time, where people of a musical nature are attacked by a pack of ravening interviewers for the entertainment and edification of the public. So, apparently, tonight's episode is going to be fairly much about punk rock. So they played a sample. Of... something. Not punk. Sounded more like rap to me. Or whatever they call rap these days. It wasn't bad listening, but, despite what the announcer implied, it was not punk.

So a couple of minutes later they started playing some real punk, perhaps as an apology to the confused public. The Scavengers' "Mysterex". Just as I was stopping at a set of traffic lights. I couldn't resist it. I rolled down the window, leaned my elbow on the sill and waited for the lights to change to green, just as if the last 20 years hadn't happened and I was still driving around in a grotty old Kingswood.

Almost getting frostbite was just about worth being able to scare the natives...

(And for anyone who actually knows the song... no, they didn't bleep certain offending words of the verses. Probably the only thing saving them from the email fury of Angry Of Waverley is the near-inaudibility of the lyrics...)
Tags: music: scavengers, radio: wtf
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