Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

I came, I saw, I overspent

Landed in Dunedin last night for a quick whistle-stop visit for reasons not completely unconnected to the Regent Theatre 24-hour book sale.

Got a pile of interesting looking stuff from Real Groovy: The Bats' "Spill the Beans" mini-album; David Kilgour's "The Far Now" (with bonus out-takes CD "Orange Feathers"); Human Instinct's "Peg Leg"; a two-CD deluxe edition "A History of Progressive Rock"; and a new live Split Enz CD I've never heard of before. It calls itself "Live in America", was released this year by an outfit I've never heard of, and going by the track listing would probably have been recorded some time in mid to late 1980. Most interesting items on the track listing are a version of "Horse to Water" (previously the only version I've ever heard was on the re-mastered and re-sequenced version of "Frenzy"), a Finn / Finn song I don't recognise the name of ("What A Mess") and a cover of "Twist and Shout".

Also went in to Records Records. The place is still going after Roy Colbert's retirement, although it's not quite what it used to be. Picked up a couple of Bill-Direen-under-various-guises CDs ("Split Seconds", credited to "Bilderine"; and "Cut", credited to "Bilders"). The latter turned out to have a smashed case... this is one thing about the new Records Records I don't like: taking a CD case up to the counter, they put the case aside and pick a random copy out of their stock. In this instance the CD case is totally wrecked; I'll have to see if I can find an empty one somewhere around.)

Also from Records Records I picked up The Terminals' brand new CD, "Last Days of the Sun". Am listening to it now actually and it's really good. Must remember to review it soon.

Didn't get many books yet (stamp albums are a different story, and part of the reason the budget is already slightly stretched...) and the ones I did are mostly from the University Book Shop: Paul Parsons' "The Science of Doctor Who"; and Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" and "Anansi Boys".

Had an amusing experience while buying the latter two books. I showed up at the counter, books and EFTPOS card in hands, wearing my work jacket (it's warm, the day was cold, never mind that I'm currently eighty miles from Southland...) and the conversation went something like this:
Counter Lady: "Are you a student?"
Obvious Non-Academic: "... um, no."
Counter Lady: "Are you staff?"
Obvious Non-Academic: "no, I'm just up from Invercargill for a couple of days."
Counter Lady: "Never mind, I'll give you student discount anyway."
Obvious Non-Academic: "um... all right, thanks."

I suppose I should have taken the opportunity to pick up a book I thought my little brother would like, but it felt uncomfortably like false pretences as it was...

*waves "hi" to micheinnz and d_h* - probably won't be able to visit as I'm on a very tight timetable. Hope everything's going great though.
Tags: books: gaiman, books: parsons, music: bats, music: builders, music: david kilgour, music: human instinct, music: split enz, music: terminals, music: various artists, regent

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