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Has it really been six weeks since last time? [Aug. 5th, 2007|07:25 pm]
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Must have been as I've got a bit of a backlog of web comic comments to think up. Plus a few that somehow got missed out the last couple of times. Only quick comments, unfortunately... I don't really have much in the way of brainpower left at the moment (too much work and all that).

Cat Legend has been a difficult comic to comment on... Despite having finally ploughed through its huge archive, I'm still not sure whether I even like it that much. Like the proverbial curate's egg, it's not perfect, but parts of it are excellent. Whether I'm prepared to plough through the chaotic story and uneven artistic style to get to the good parts is something I still haven't figured out.

I read the archive of Earthbound a good couple of months ago and it's now rather hazy in my memory. The main characters are demons, of the Western variety, and so far the story has just about managed to balance having unsympathetic characters as its protagonists without making them inappropriately cute-'n'-cuddly.

Girl Genius has just released another couple of hundred pages, which took quite a bit of getting through... the story's remained good, though, and there's a classic sequence beginning here which involves lots and lots of coffee. Plus mad science. Quite fun. Incidentally, meganbmoore, if you haven't had a look at this comic yet, you might find it moderately enjoyable.

I finally finished the Pointless archive. What I said before, still goes, and I must have been getting used to the art as it ended up not nearly as hard to live with. Definitely a story worth keeping an eye on.

Red Gate Society is another monster-hunter comic, with the monster-hunters in this case being monsters themselves, with their ringleader being a five-tailed kitsune from Japan (that's probably redundant, really...). This is another story still in its formative stages, with the total output so far being an introductory story and a couple of flashbacks. The characters and story are interesting enough, but the dialogue and artwork still being fairly average. As a few other comics I read started off with fairly basic artwork and improved over time ("Unshelved" and "Questionable Content" being two that spring readily to mind) I'm not giving up on the story... at least, not yet.

[User Picture]From: southerndave
2007-08-22 08:08 am (UTC)

Re: Ouch

Oops... wasn't trying to make people say "ouch" or anything, just commenting to friends about what I think of random comics I've been reading (and the current batch are mainly ones that some automated thing at a comic site told me I thought I might like, so I can't even blame friends on me reading them in the first place).

I'm not any sort of oracle on What The Public Want; I'm just one reader (and, at that, a reader who has little writing ability and no artistic ability whatsoever). My honest preference would be for you to keep on telling the story, and let the past worry about itself. But then, for me, reading a comic is something like 75% story and 25% art.

It's not so much any one part of the comic that's hard to read; it's that I've barely had time to get used to one artistic style than it changes quite noticeably to another one. I realise that currently you're working with guest artists, so that can't be helped. Also this was in the context of three or so long sessions going through the archive, each spaced a couple of weeks apart. Another thing that's making it a bit hard for me to read is all the different typefaces the dialogue was in... that's just a problem I have with it and could be more my middle-aged eyesight than anything else.
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