January 10th, 2005


It's arrived

"Summer" holidays are now over and I am now back at work for another year. Expect the quality and frequency of my updates to drop dramatically until the next time I have some time off.

But on the bright side my "Inuyasha" DVDs finally arrived all the way from Amazon. Posted in Germany which is a bit of a surprise considering they are American market editions but ours not to reason the whys and wherefores of big multinational organisations. And I got them at a very reasonable price (a smidgen under $120 at the exchange rate I got charged, for a five disk set) so can't really complain. They play perfectly on my DVD Rom drive (although I really must get myself a Region 4 player once I figure out a way to hook it up to my 20+ year old TV via my 10+ year old video that actually works.)

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All in all great fun to watch and definitely worth the time and effort I took trying to get the series in the first place. (I haven't managed to find any sort of mention of it on any local DVD web site... nowhere at all. It's almost certainly never been shown on TV here... TV programmers think there are only three types of cartoons: Kids' Cartoons, South Park and The Simpsons... so anything that's actually a fairly serious drama which while family friendly is definitely not a Kids' Cartoon is likely to be completely ignored. Grumble grumble).

I watched it in Japanese with English subtitles, which worked out well as I could actually understand everything that is going on (unlike what often happens when watching TV with my hearing being a bit dodgy and me missing too many important points). This way I also got to hear voice actors who understood the cultural background to what they were saying. I'm currently wondering whether to watch episode 2 next or the English dub of episode 1.