May 3rd, 2009

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 3

There's a bit of a stereotype about the music released by Flying Nun Records that it was all the "Dunedin Sound". This was never really the case - the label's first release was a record by the Christchurch-based Pin Group - and even the existence of a "Dunedin Sound" itself is a matter of debate; Sneaky Feelings and the Clean may as well have recorded on different planets from each other.

Whatever the Dunedin Sound was, King Loser wasn't. Complex drumming, prominent organ and keyboard lines, heavily processed guitar noise... they may as well have been as much prog-rock as they were anything else. At the time '76 Comeback Special was recorded, the band were Chris Heazlewood - guitar, vocals; Celia - keyboards, vocals; Steve Deans - drums. By the time this video was made, Celia went by Celia Mancini and Tribal Thunder had taken over as drummer. The song was originally released on the CD "You Cannot Kill What Does Not Live", which is now difficult to obtain; more recently, the video was released on the Flying Nun compilation DVD "Second Season".