May 4th, 2009

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 4

This next recording is even older than I am.

Quiet in the cheap seats, you kids. Yes, they did actually have rock and roll in New Zealand in the 1960s (heck, they had it in the 1950s: New Zealand is allegedly only the second country in the world in which any rock and roll was recorded, although, again allegedly - I haven't heard the actual recording to be able to be certain of this - it was a most unsympathetic version of the original song).

The Bluestars' Social End Product isn't anything like as tame as what you'd expect from a `sixties band. While not as raucous, musically, as Chants R'n'B were, they make up for it with a ton of attitude. (In the booklet of "Get A Haircut: 31 Of The Best New Zealand Rock'n'rollers Ever!" John Harris writes: I was quietly pleased when some 25 years later John Baker began a rumour that the Bluestars were the forefathers of punk! Somehow it makes up for my loss of hearing.)

On this recording the Bluestars were: John Harris - guitar, vocals; Murray Savidan - bass; Rik Van Bokhoven - guitar; Jim Crowley - drums. The sound quality on this You Tube video isn't wonderful (the bass playing actually sounds really good on CD) but it's a fairly close approximation of the actual song.