May 26th, 2009

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 26

The Suburban Reptiles were: Zero - vocals; Billy Planet - guitar; Jimmy Joy - saxophone; Bones Hillman - bass; and Buster Stiggs - drums. As if the flood of obvious pseudonyms wasn't sufficient warning: yes, this is a British-inspired punk rock band. They didn't quite get it, though. Traditional punk rock bands do not have saxophonists.

Megaton was their first single. Saturday Night (Stay at Home) is a much better song, but it's also a lot better known and I wanted an excuse to watch this video (the first time I've ever seen it).

Tradition has it that by the end of the band's career, it had essentially splintered into two separate bands; the half-a-band that included Buster Stiggs and Bones Hillman eventually acquired Phil Judd (ex-Split Enz), changed their name to the Swingers and sold truckloads of Counting the Beat to the Aussies. Bones ended up in Midnight Oil, selling train loads of records around the world.