June 24th, 2009


In which the Ranty Pants are activated

So, Windows has just gone and upgraded Internet Explorer to a new version. Not that I actually cared one way or the other, as I hardly ever actually use IE; it's just what I use for editing my old web page (yes, it's still alive, even though most of my effort is going into the new one) because I can't be bothered setting it up as a project in Komodo Edit.

Well, I'd managed to get half an hour at lunchtime today to get up to date on the atrocities the Post Office is inflicting on the long-suffering public, so I emailed the updated file to myself at home, ready to save it to my local copy, update the "Last edited on" note on the old index page, and upload the two of them. Except that it didn't quite work that way.

First I tried to start up Internet Explorer. It wouldn't. Apparently I had to shut down and re-start my computer because it wouldn't work otherwise. So I do so (and that is why I suddenly disappeared from IRC). Once the computer booted up again, I tried running Internet Explorer.

This time it would start. And it gave me half a dozen or so "do you really want to hurt me install me" screens for me to say "yes, yes, yes, YES YOU HORRIBLE STREAM OF ELECTRONS, YOU!" to. That finally done, I fire up the old web page (fairly easy, as I've got the local copy saved as my home page), and do what I've always done: click on "View", select "Source" and get to work.

Except it wouldn't.

"View" and "Source" now brings up an uneditable (or is it "ineditable"?) version of the source code, the same way Firefox does when you do the "View" and "Page Source" thing.

It took about five minutes of playing with settings and rummaging, but I finally found where they'd hidden it. It's now under "File" and "Edit with Notepad". Considering that there's an "Edit" button between the "File" and "View" buttons anyway, that strikes me as a seriously un-intuitive way of going about things.

It would probably have been easier just to dump it all into Komodo Edit in the first place.

Windows. Making Linux look good since 2000.