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July 25th, 2009

This is annoying [Jul. 25th, 2009|12:57 pm]
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Well, as you all know and are probably all tired of hearing by now, I've been reading Ursula Vernon's web comic Digger for a couple of years now. Anyone of my generation (roughly) who's visited me in the last few months will have also had the first three printed books of the series foisted onto them as well.

So Volume 4 is apparently Just Out This Month. It is almost certainly going to contain such comic gems as "If you kids don't keep it down back there, so help me, I'll turn this funeral around..." (featuring Boneclaw Mother, who could pass for Gytha Ogg in a light dim enough to hide her huge teeth, her alarming eating habits and ears that could be used as rotor blades) and the return of literature's youngest Hag, and maybe even as far as "Maps? There are no maps" (which is still pinned up to the board in my office); although it probably won't get quite as far as Grim Eyes' attempts to be chivalrous to Herne.

So, guessing that buying Volume 4 from the actual publisher instead of Amazon would cut out their middle-man take, I head over to the publisher's web site and start going through all the hoops you have to go through if you want to buy something off the Internet.

But there's a problemCollapse )
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