August 3rd, 2009


Silly season again

This month there's a referendum going on. What happens in this case, basically, is that ten percent of the voting country have signed a petition and it's being put out for the rest of the public to vote on. The referendum isn't binding on the Government (and for good reason: otherwise all it would take would be for a pair of referenda: Should the government cut taxes and Should the government increase public services, to be successful, to bankrupt the country) but is considered an indication of what the public think about any given topic.

The main problem with the process in its local implementation is that there's no check on whether the question being asked actually makes sense. Never mind whether it's based on an honest premise or not. As far as I know, all that is required is that it be answerable by "yes" or "no". So, this month's question has been framed as a very motherland-and-apple-pie type question; but, behind the words, there's a level of dishonesty about the campaign that's breathtaking, even for a local politician.

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