November 1st, 2009

lots of planets have a south

Back, maybe

Well, the computer is allegedly back. I've spent the last hour or so actually getting everything plugged in and working again (and am waiting for some bright spark to realise that plugs on the front of computers would make a hell of a lot more sense than plugs on the back of them, and while they're at it, to figure out that having over half a dozen different plugs for different things is not conducive to getting the right thing plugged into the right socket, either).

I'm also probably going to work on nanowrimo this month... The midnight start just isn't going to happen (am far too brain-dead for anything of that nature right now) but something might show up later today or some time next week. If anyone actually wants to read whatever rubbish I manage to churn out, and doesn't see a nanowrimo message immediately above this one, let me know here and I'll add you to the nanowrimo filter.

Anyway, just before I went off line I discovered what's probably the main evidence for the claim that Len Lye accidentally invented the music video:

What I noticed, most of all, was how the visual themes changed depending on which instrument was most prominent... vertical lines for the violin, dots for the piano, etc.