December 26th, 2009

bob the ghost

Survived another Christmas

Managed to get through the Christmas season without feeling the need to exterminate anyone, which is a big enough bonus this year.

Saw snippets of a few of the Christmas movies being played, although not enough to make any sense of most of them. Did get to see the whole of the Family Guy Star Wars parody, which worked even though I've never actually watched Family Guy (although the Younger Generation are probably still wondering why I found the dot matrix printer (a Spaceballs reference) and "Shaddap You Face" (a Joe Dolce Music Theatre reference) the funniest in-jokes...)

Ate too much yesterday, drank too much the day before, slept about 24 hours in the last 48 and now, instead of the week off I was supposed to be having, am now going to start on a huge proof-reading job. (What is it with people doing master's degrees that makes them think someone who's last actually sat exam was School Certificate in 1983 would be an appropriate person to proof-read their thesis or dissertation or whatever they call it this year?)