January 16th, 2010


Social networking and crap (with emphasis on the "crap")

So, twice in the last week or so I've had it recommended to me (in person) that I join up at Facebook.

Now, I'm not really much of a "social networking" type person (it will be noted that most of my actual public posts here are either status reports or reviews of popular culture that I've particularly enjoyed) but it seems to be "expected" of people these days that they have some sort of on-line presence. (Particularly if, like me, they're people who refuse point blank to have anything to do with cellular telephones). I don't Twitter (I'm not good at compressing my thoughts into fractions of a sentence) and my actual web site is of no interest whatsoever outside a very specialised field (i.e. it's of interest to perhaps a dozen or so people in the entire world).

So I had a look at the site this morning. Unfortunately you can't actually tell much about what the site's like from its front end (it's basically a sign up screen and that's about all). So I don't actually know whether it's the sort of thing I'd want to waste actual time at, or not, at all.

Also, it seems to expect that people use their Actual Real Names on it. As I'm one of about three people on the entire planet with my Actual Real Name (the ubiquitousness of my first name is only outmatched by the rarity of my last name) I normally just go by some variation of "Dave" (these days, "Daveosaurus" seems to be the most common).

So... anyone got any thoughts on the whole system? Bearing in mind that I'm well into middle age and have interests that tend to terrify the more "normal" sorts of people.