January 24th, 2010


It's over for another year

... Matinee Idle, that is. The show that's equal parts classic rock, Dr. Demento's cast-offs and really weird stuff. The show where the presenters are so amused by the oxymoronism of the CD title "The Essential Judas Priest" that they actually play some of it*. The show for people who can't get enough of really awful songs like "Dead Puppies" or "Cousin Mosquito". The show that plays music so bad they put lists of what they've played up on the Internet so that people know what it is that they should steer clear of. (They've hidden the last-episode playlist on their Facebook page for some reason).

But a couple of the songs they've played this year have been both (1) new to me, and (2) really rather good indeed. I know very little about the bands in question so can't say much to introduce them, but here are:

The Fleet Foxes (with over two million views on You Tube so might actually be reasonably well known):

The Drab Doo-Riffs (with a grand total of sixteen (16) views on You Tube so are probably not known at all):

* The only reason that "Painkiller" is the second best song having anything to do with aspirin is that the only other song ever to have anything to do with aspirin is "Adults and Children", in which the Gordons comprehensively kick Judas Priest's collective tail.