February 11th, 2010


Bad Taste Thursday

Painters and Dockers, named after a trade union, the members of which showed up at some of their earliest performances, are quite possibly the most entertainingly rubbishy musical group to originate from the West Island. (In comparison, Rolf Harris is a class act. Yes, even his version of I Touch Myself. You can all consider yourselves well and truly warned).

This video wasn't my first choice, but unfortunately the video to Love On Your Breath wasn't available on You Tube. I can only speculate that the dental profession may have conspired to erase all extant copies of that particular crime against taste and decency.

This particular song of theirs had a long and strange history. When they released it, legend had it that it was something they'd seen on a re-run of Get Smart. Incredibly enough, the legend was actually true. (I've even seen the episode in question, in a later re-run, and noticed that, while definitely somewhat different, it's still fundamentally the same song). In the original, a Flower Power looking band were singing it in some wild scheme to turn hippies violent. Painters and Dockers basically just flesh the snippet out a bit, throw in a bit of hard rock and old-fashioned rhythm 'n' blues, and this is what happens: