March 31st, 2010


Not here, not now

The stupidity, it is blinding...

So, the rugby bigwigs are trying to find a Theme Song to the World Cup that's going to be on next year. As if anyone even cares? Those who will be watching it will be watching for the rugby, not the music. But worse is to come. The bigwigs' bright idea is get a slightly faded teenage rock group to perform a somewhat faded rock song from the 1990s (the sort of song that shows up in beer ads these days). A foreign song, what's more.

This is ridiculous. Apparently Gary McCormick agrees with me on that. Unfortunately, McCormick's idea for a replacement song is worse. The suggested replacement, Loyal, is actually a reasonably good song, but wholly inappropriate for any sort of Big Public Sports Event. The lyrics of the song are all about sneaking around, participating in a clandestine affair while trying to pretend nothing's happening.

Even I (with only an interested outsider's view of the music scene) can think of something better. How about Bold as Brass? It's got a catchier tune, a faster rhythm, and while the lyrics aren't much of anything at all (they were apparently written by the saxophonist - in the video, of the two who don't appear to be actually playing anything, he's the one with the glasses and without the bizarre hairdo - in something like half an hour, fairly much on a dare), they sound sufficiently rousing and in-your-face to be the sort of stuff that a half (or more than half) drunk rugby crowd is likely to be able to sing without mumbling over the soppy bits.

If I can think of something better and local, then surely our rugby bigwigs can...?