April 19th, 2010


Contains Punk Cult Material

One irritating thing about the "Two for only $20!" DVD shelf at Whitcoulls is that there are almost never two DVDs I actually want to buy there at any one time.

So, when I was in there at lunchtime today, I noticed that they had the DVD of Angel Mine on the shelf. It's not really the sort of film I'd normally watch, but it apparently has the Suburban Reptiles somewhere in it (in at least enough of a role to warrant the only-ever-used-once censor's warning replicated in the subject line), and considering that their actual records tend to sell for three-figure sums I thought that it was a decently cheap way of adding to my music collection.

But if I didn't find another DVD to buy with it, it would cost me $19.99 for one DVD. So I had to do some serious rummaging through the shelf to find anything that was actually worth watching (and that I didn't already have, which cut Underworld - the Kate Beckingsale film, not the crap Doctor Who serial - out of the running).

I ended up with the Ang Lee Hulk. I know it's got a fairly low reputation, and that the low reputation is for being too much talk and not enough action. That wouldn't normally be a problem for me, except that it has this reputation among people who don't mind talk in their films. Then again, I'm the sort of person who can actually enjoy watching The Ambassadors of Death, so I think I can cope. And if I can't... well, I can tell myself the thing only cost me one cent, anyway.

* * *

In other news: Not that I think for a moment that any of you are even going to see this, but... Dear Teabaggers, This is why most of the rest of the world holds you in nothing but contempt. And yes, the rest of the world is finding out about this. It was in the Southland Times today, and there's mention of it on the Otago Daily Times web site (not sure if it's in the paper or not). The world is watching you like Ceiling Cat.