April 28th, 2010


Oh, what fun: it continues

Somewhere, under all the water, are West Plains Road and Taramoa West Plains Road:


And there's more heavy rain coming overnight and tomorrow (it was already raining in Te Anau by knock off time tonight). Luckily, the floodbanks* have been holding (the flooded area in the photograph is land all owned by "Environment Southland" - i.e. the old Catchment Board - and specifically intended to be somewhere for the floodwaters to go so they don't knock the airport out of action, like they did in 1984).

The full civil defence machine hasn't been mobilised yet (thankfully - if it is I'm one of the mugs who will have to try to help co-ordinate things) and I'm hoping there isn't going to be more water than the floodbanks can cope with in the overnight rain.

* Can the radio announcers please stop calling them "levees"? This is New Zealand, not America.