May 2nd, 2010

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 2

Unlike the Bats, Pop Mechanix do need just a little bit of an introduction. (There's very little of their output available on You Tube, most annoyingly - not even their superb Celebration of the Skin music video).

In their few years together the band recorded one album (which never even got released under their own name due to another band with a similar name taking them to court for the similarity) and a handful of singles. Enough that their record company could possibly have cobbled together a decent enough compilation CD out of them, one would have thought.

Failsafe Records thought differently: they found enough of the band's material to release five CDs' worth of stuff. Of these five, the best is a live performance from late in the band's career. How late, I'm not quite sure... my own copy of this CD is out on loan so I'm going to have to just guess who was involved on this CD from a band history thing Failsafe have up on their web site. But it's a performance from back when the band had all their best songs written and were still not too jaded to put on a good performance of them.


Artist: Pop Mechanix
Title: Live Kicks
Musicians (guessed at): Paul Scott - bass; Paul Mason - guitar; Andrew McLennan - vocals; Kevin Emmett - drums; Brent Williams - guitar.
Songs: Steel Town Paralyse; Star Of Bethehem; Nina; Chance Previous Wedding; Virginia Purple; Radio Song; Cowboys; Now; Gospel; Saving Grace; All That I Hope For; Brains Are Dumb; No Surprise; Celebration Of The Skin; Here She Comes Again; Western World.

Doctor Who night

... I really need to find a replacement all-the-Doctors icon at some point now there's another one of them...

Anyway time to note down what I thought of Matt Smith's first episode as the Doctor, and Steven Moffat's first episode as the Producer.

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