May 15th, 2010

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 15

This band seem to operate under a different name for every release, but referring to them as "Bill Direen and the Builders" shouldn't cause too much confusion. The album title also involves some creative typography that can't be reproduced in a normal character set.


Artist: Builders
Title: Beatin Hearts
Musicians: Bill Direen - voice, guitar, percussion, whistle, organ, viola, bass, harmonica; Malcolm Grant - drums; Campbell McLay - bass.
Guest musicians: Chris Knox - organ, backing vocals; Mike Dooley - drums.
Songs: 1,000,000 Hearts; Moderation; Bedrock Bay; Same Old Story; Heartbeats-A-Go-Go; Blue Sand Lonely; Dirty & Disgusting; Alien; Accident; Wanganui With A White Face; Magpies; Outer Date World; Evidence; Inquest; Magazine; Kicks; Friend.