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May 16th, 2010

New Zealand Music Month - Day 16 [May. 16th, 2010|02:00 pm]
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This one is surprisingly obscure given the number of familiar faces in the line-up. It starts off with a few instrumental/ambient type pieces, but all of a sudden becomes a fully-fledged Blams reunion with the superb Thief - the sort of song which contains enough ideas that most other groups would have spun them out over the space of an entire album. A couple of songs after that is the wickedly funny, mostly spoken-word and wordplay-rich Auckland; between them these two songs make the entire album worthwhile. Not that there's anything wrong with the rest of it, either.


Artist: The Moth
Title: Music from a Lightbulb
Musicians: Tim Mahon - bass; Mark Bell - guitar; Peter Van Gent - drums, programming; Ivan Zagni - guitar; Warwick - clarinet; Norma Benioni - vocals; The Moth - voice; Allisa Willis - flute; Don McGlashan - Arabian wind.
Songs: Scenic; Panthers of sound; Airman; Rabid; Lonely people; Flowers; Thief; Boyfriend; Auckland; Minister of everything; Shock and awe.
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Doctor Who night [May. 16th, 2010|09:40 pm]
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[mood |sicksneezy]
[music |Altered Images - "Don't Talk to Me about Love"]

Tonights advertising spot snark goes to Earth Care toilet paper. I doubt that all that many people who see that ad will ever actually get the joke; the expression "Does a bear shit in the woods?" is not at all a common saying in New Zealand.

Victory of the DaleksCollapse )
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