May 28th, 2010

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 28

This is the best new album, in any genre, from any artist, from any country, released so far this century.

All right, so limiting it to releases from this century cuts back the competition considerably, but this is still one of the great albums of all time. This album refutes the suggestion I've heard quite a bit recently that there's no good new rock music any more. Of course there is; it's just hidden among container-loads of records by Britney Spears or mix-and-match rap duos or this new Justin whoever-it-is that the teenagers like these days.

Info. taken from a web site, because, yes, this album is out on loan as I type this...


Artist: The Terminals
Title: Last Days of the Sun
Musicians: John Christoffels - bass; Peter Stapleton - drums; Brian Crook - guitar, vocals; Steven Cogle - guitar, vocals; Mick Elborado - keyboards.
Guest musicians: Maryrose Crook - backing vocals; Nicole Moffat - backing vocals.
Songs: Vertigo; Undertows; Green Eyes; Different Air; Last Days Of The Sun; Blue Moon; Creepers; Whichever Way She Runs; Premonitions; Crown Of Teeth; In Your Mind; I Saw My Ghost.