May 30th, 2010

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 30

This image was absolutely diabolical to try to find (and many thanks to the #subcafe crowd for helping me find it) - most of the album collector sites on the Internet have the album's back cover, for some reason.


Artist: Car Crash Set
Title: No Accident
Musicians: Nigel Russell - synthesizer, vocals, percussion; David Bulog - synthesizer, drum programming.
Additional musicians: Trevor Reekie - guitar; Ryan Monga - bass; Sharon Tuapawa - backing vocals; Henry Downes - percussion; Roddy Carlson - timbales, cymbal, snare drums; Ian Gordon - saxophone.
Songs: Justice; Those Days; Breakdown; Heart Of Stone; Scarred; No Accident; Sax Appeal; Your Eyes.

Doctor Who night

Tonight's ad to be commented on is the Vodaphone ad for running out of text messages at an inopportune moment. Those little white figures having showers... look not altogether completely different from little Adiposes. All I need now is for one of them to be waving goodbye.

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