October 31st, 2010


More music video thoughts

I couldn't be bothered watching last night's UChoose40; the subject was rap music and approximately 99% of the genre that I am familiar with fails to incite any couldcarelessability in me. Looking through the list of what actually got shown, I noticed a complete lack of Mantronix, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Clash, Blondie, Ice-T, Tom Tom Club or DLT. (I did notice that they played some songs from artists that I'd at least heard of that had potential, though; Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Eric B. and Rakim and Run DMC.) But at least The Message made the list.

(On the up-side, thanks to the sort of weirdness you get when you get half a dozen people following something they're not really all that interested in and throwing out random ideas instead, we now have the concept of "Steampunk rap" and a potential band name ("Dirigible Planets") to play with. All we need to do now is actually create something. I'm imagining something like a backing track including vaguely industrial sounding noises, and a vocal track with the rhythm and subject matter of traditional rap but with Victorian RP English accents and vocabulary).

But next week's theme is going to be "Groundbreaking Music Videos". Assuming that the selection is going to be based on the groundbreakingness of the videos and not the music (which may be a bit much of an assumption to make when C4TV is concerned) here are a few they could have a hunt down and play of.

Len Lye (director), Swinging the Lambeth Walk.
Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues.
Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody.
Tall Dwarfs, Nothing's Going To Happen.
Dire Straits, Money for Nothing.
Split Enz, Strait Old Line.
A-Ha, Take On Me.
Peking Man, Room That Echoes.
Lou Reed, No Money Down.
Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend.

... Thought of another couple. Peter Gabriel's Big Time is the more groundbreaking of them, but his Sledgehammer is better known, so it's more likely to get the nod.

Wonder how many of these will get played...
Dalek arse


Well, I was feeling a bit peckish and decided to make myself a bacon sandwich. Yes, I know it's far too late for dinner, but I had dinner about five hours ago and need a bit of energy to last the rest of the evening.

So I got the packet of bacon out of the fridge and noticed that it had an ingredients list. I wondered for a minute - shouldn't it just be "Bacon: 100%"? - but it turned out to be a bit more itemised than just that.

The first item on the list was: "Pork: 62%".

Now, I might be a bit old-fashioned and naïve, but I'd have thought that the ingredients of bacon would be: Pork, and Salt. I'm fairly sure that, while bacon does tend to have quite a salty flavour, that it would be nowhere near 38% by weight, volume or any other measure you would want to use.

So, what else is in that 38%?

Normally I wouldn't be too worried, but over the past few months I've been reading some reviews of really cheap, really bad horror movies that a friend's been writing at Triskaidekafiles.

So now I'm thinking about all the weirdness that the bacon company could have put into their bacon before distributing it through the Elles Road New World Supermarket to unsuspecting customers such as myself.

So, if weird stuff suddenly starts happening down here... blame it on the bacon.

Happy Hallowe'en, those of you who celebrate it.