November 9th, 2010

Santa Dalek

Is it November already?

... It must be. There's already Obnoxious Christmas Muzak (1) around the place.

That means it's time for my regular yearly Plot To Spread Cheap (2) Tacky (3) Cards From Obscure Places Around The World. So, if anyone wants to be part of the Plot (and hasn't already got a card from me in the last few years), and you've got a name and address that's safe to leave out for strange people you've met on the Internet, just leave an address in reply to this post. Comments are set to be screened (I think. But you're welcome to leave test messages just in case I've stuffed up the settings) or you can send me a message (There seems to be some sort of private messaging system around here, although it's a bit complicated for me to get my head around).

The cards are going to be sent as holiday cards, not Christmas cards. If Christmas is your holiday, that's fine. If something else is your holiday, that's fine as well. The cards were supposed to be fairly subtle, but due to deceptive packaging it turns out they are specifically Christmas cards after all. As they're going surface mail, they could arrive at any time from late November to mid March, dependent less on the date of posting than the vagaries of the Post Office. (I actually got a small packet about a month back that had been sent so long ago that it still had my old postcode on it. No names shall be mentioned, but many thanks for the American and Mexican stamps, and for the Canadian "Year of the Horse" souvenir sheet).

This year's Christmas stamps show older Christmas stamps: an old master Nativity scene (for internal cards) and a pohutukawa tree (for overseas cards). If anyone in New Zealand wishes for a specifically secular stamp on the envelope, or if anyone overseas wishes for a specifically religious stamp, I can accommodate same without any difficulty.

This is a card offer not an exchange offer... there's no requirement to reciprocate. But if you want to send me a card you're welcome to. I've left my postal address under a lock at ... If it doesn't come up for anyone that just means I've lost track of which custom group it's visible to so just let me know and I'll try to get it sorted out. Or just wait until the card arrives; there will be a return address on the back of it. Sorry about all this skulduggery, but I don't just leave my postal address where the entire planet can find it.

(1) I'd be less annoyed by the Muzak in question if it wasn't mostly employed to get people to Buy Buy Buy. Tom Lehrer had something to say about that.

(2) I buy my cards some time around February of each year when the stationers are desperately trying to get rid of the previous year's stock.

(3) I normally try to get cards with something specifically New Zealand about them, as a majority of them go overseas. Unfortunately that equates to "tackiness" more often than not.