November 21st, 2010

shooty dog thing

Well THIS is annoying

The background to this particular Grumble is as follows: Normally when I do one of those card exchange thingys I make sure the cards I get are at least not overtly religious. This is for a specific reason and is nothing to do with "political correctness" (a concept I've never seen any credible proof of the existence of in the first place, but that's a different topic entirely) and everything to do with Not Being An Arsehole. (For example: at least one of my friends I regularly send these cards to is Jewish, by heritage at least; I don't know if said friend is actively practicing the religion or not, but that is None Of My Business. If anyone reading this doesn't understand why sending a specifically Christmas card to someone who's Jewish would be rather an arseholeish thing to do, leave a comment here - all comments are going to remain screened - and I'll hunt down a few links and drop them into a reply).

So, when I pick up my batches of Cheap and Cheerful Cards (early in the year, when the ones that didn't sell the previous year are going very cheaply) I look at them and make sure they're at least subtle about anything of that nature.

Well, the ones I got this year looked adequate for my purposes. Until I actually opened the packaging earlier today and found that the bottom half inch of each card - the bit that's not visible in the packaging covered by the little bit of paper saying who designed them and who published them - did have a specifically religious Christmas thingy on it after all.

Now, I've checked up with people about this sort of thing before (and the answer is normally along the lines of accepting the holiday wishes in the spirit in which they're offered and not actually being offended by it) but if anyone would like me to send a non-specific card instead (I still have a few cards left over from previous years) please just let me know. Again, all comments to here are screened and will remain so. (Or you can send a message to me through the LJ system. I think it works, although I haven't received any messages through it for quite a while. People who were going to send me their postal addresses through that system please note.)

Now I'll just head off, start writing up the cards for people who I'm certain won't be offended by them, and check back here in a few hours in case there is anyone who'd like me to do something different.

Exit, accompanied by a cloud of annoyance.