May 10th, 2011

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 10

Five years into the band's career, and there was only one founding member left; even from the line-up that recorded their first album, the band had shed two guitarists, a bass player and a drummer. More notably, the band had acquired a teenage Neil Finn as their replacement guitarist. Neil Finn's guitar isn't really all that audible on this recording (he had only just joined the band and was still learning the songs), but in the case of this song it gives the keyboards and bass room to be noticed. In contrast, there's an acoustic, guitar-based demo of this song doing the rounds - it showed up on Enzology, where I first heard it - and it's worth a listen if you ever get the chance.

A few years ago, when the first Split Enz DVD came out, it stated proudly on the back cover "Featuring all their video clips...". This was for values of "all" which include "all the ones we can actually be bothered showing". The following video clip was conspicuous by its absence (as were many more).