May 11th, 2011

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 11

Charlie is an album track from their 1977 release, Dizrythmia, which has been getting a lot of recognition (mostly after the band fairly much called it a day, some time later). One (possibly apocryphal) story went that this particular song quite impressed John Cale when he first heard it. (The irony here is that the story continues to emphasise that the song's production was part of its appeal; from all accounts the band themselves were not too impressed with the album's production as the producer was a little too laid-back and hands-off for the band's liking. The band, of course, seem to be rather perfectionist in their recordings (as can be surmised from the sheer amount of archival material that has yet to be released, even now. Some of what has seen the light of day - even as uncredited "bonus tracks" on CD re-releases - would have been good enough to have been a hit at the time if they'd been cleaned up a bit. Case in point: Horse to Water. That one might pop up in a couple of days if I can find it on You Tube).