May 23rd, 2011

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 23

I must admit to having no idea what is actually going on in this video. It appears that someone has used the song Working Up An Appetite as a soundtrack to some sort of space invaders game. There are also a few additional bleeps and whistles to the soundtrack which aren't in the original song.

The original song itself is one of the more interesting tracks off the 1983 album Conflicting Emotions. Received wisdom has it that this was a lacklustre album and that the band had lost the momentum they had achieved with Time and Tide, particularly not helped by Tim Finn having taken some time off to record and promote a solo album. In retrospect this album actually has some surprisingly good elements; its main problem is that in a few tracks they used a drum machine, oblivous to the fact that they had a perfectly good drummer in the band (Noel Crombie, also their percussionist and designer, who had played drums on their previous album and on some of the better tracks on this one).