May 27th, 2011

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 27

One of the band's regular set pieces was Noel Crombie playing the spoons, to the accompaniment of Eddie Rayner on piano. This could possibly have started out as giving Noel Crombie something visible to do, but, as the band's music became more complex and Crombie's percussion kit grew to about the size of the drummer's drum kit, became more a way of giving some of the band a quick breather during the song's quieter passages. Originally this was done within the song The Woman Who Loves You; but, by the end of the band's career, the spoon sequence had become detached from the song (which remains a fairly obscure album track on their second album) and become an item in itself. At one point, it ended up inserted into the (much later and quite unrelated) song Strait Old Line.

And that young kid in the glasses with the guitar? That's a teenage Neil Finn, later of Crowded House notoriety.