June 4th, 2011


A thought

When a book costs about $40 from any local source (including on-line booksellers), but can be had from Amazon for $16.50 - local currency, and including freight - it is hard to escape the conclusion that the local bookselling industry's business model is fairly much broken.

This is not to say that Amazon don't have their own problems. The book (about the size of a large comic collection) came shrink-wrapped to some stiff cardboard (so far, so good). Then the whole thing was dumped inside a box almost big enough to be a shoebox, a packing label slapped over the top and posted overseas. While in transit, the box had begun to come apart; the book arrived safely, but was able to be removed from the box by the simple technique of lifting up a couple of flaps and letting the book fall out. Not so good.