November 5th, 2011


Another thought...

... on the upcoming election. And it's probably just coincidence that said thought has been had on the 406th anniversary* of the last time anyone ever entered Parliament with honest intentions.

We have two main parties (and one minor party and a handful of parties that would struggle to fill a telephone box with people who actually support them) led by people who want to be elected as Prime Minister.

I have one problem with that.

For the last three years the country has been run by a party which had the brilliant idea of cutting taxes for its supporters (fairly much those making well over twice the median wage) and funding it partially by raising taxes for everyone else, and partially by borrowing billions of dollars from overseas lenders.

The problem with this is that overseas lenders don't want to lend money any more (one word: Greece) and whatever poor bugger gets elected this time is going to have to figure out how to pay it all back. So, basically, only a complete and utter idiot would actually want to win the upcoming election.

So our choices are, basically, Idiot A (charismatic but utterly corrupt) and Idiot B (decent but utterly devoid of charisma). Yes, there are other idiots, but only Idiots A and B have any realistic chance of leading a government.

Not much of a choice, really...

* ignoring the change from Julian and Gregorian calendars, that is...
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