November 12th, 2011

bob the ghost

More fun

Currently I'm about half way between computers. As anyone who's been reading this blog for a while will know, my current computer has had serious problems for the last couple of years and consequently it shouldn't be a surprise that I have finally lost all patience with the inability of the shop to figure out why it is failing and fix the bits that are making it fail. So over the last few weeks, various bits of the new computer have been arriving and are currently sitting, almost set up, on the new desk in the (formerly) newly emptied room which no longer houses a Polterguest. What still needs to be done is, basically, transfer data from old machine into new machine. Part of this job is probably going to be easy as long as someone who knows their job (i.e. Not Me) does it as all it involves is lifting two hard disks out of the old machine and loading them into the new one. However the part that involves shifting programs and program data from one machine to the other is likely to be a lot more troublesome as it also involves shifting from Windows XP to Windows 7 (mainly because I have to use Windows 7 at work and my old brain doesn't like having to deal with two different operating systems in the same year).