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November 19th, 2011

... It's that time of the year ALREADY? [Nov. 19th, 2011|11:36 pm]
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[music |This Sporting Life - "Point to Point"]

Looks like it... it's just over a month from the longest day and the town is filling up with cheap and tacky plastic Santas. So it's time, yet again, for me to perpetrate my traditional conspiracy against the ordinariness of the season by sending a big bunch of reasonably odd, New Zealand-specific holiday cards to various places Around The World.

For those who haven't been reading long, the procedure is this: All comments are screened, although if you don't trust my ability to set things up correctly (a wise move) there's no problem starting off with a test message. Leave your postal address and enough of a name that the card gets to the right person, and I'll post a card off to you some time in (hopefully) the next couple of weeks. The card will arrive in your country some time between the start of December, and Chinese New Year.

It's a card offer not a card exchange, so there's no requirement to reciprocate. If you want to post me a card, then by all means go ahead. My postal address is here (and if that link doesn't work, let me know so I can make sure I haven't messed up the settings yet again).

This year's cards are reasonably non-specific (although one of the little bits of artwork on them has a vague resemblance to a pentagram, so if pentagrams give you the creeps let me know and I'll find something different); and this year's stamps (which have gone up quite a bit in price because the Post Office doesn't offer a surface mail service any more) are overtly religious, so if that is likely to offend anyone... well, you know the drill, and I've still got some of last year's stamps left over.
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