May 27th, 2012

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day 27

Another repeat offender today. I've actually posted this video up before but that was long enough ago that (hopefully) it's not going to get boring.

Formed on Wednesday only have one five-track EP out so far (although, as far as I can tell from their facebook, they are right now busy recording half of a shared album with another band as part of a regular help-end-world-hunger fund-raising drive - not sure how it works but if you sponsor them x amount to survive on barley sugars for 40 hours you get a copy of the resulting album. Not sure if it's all that much of an imposition for a bunch of high school kids to exist on junk food, stay up all weekend and play the music they enjoy, but it's all For A Good Cause which already elevates it above most reasons to stay up all weekend).

Anyway this song is one they've been playing live for a while but haven't recorded yet (at least, not that I know of. It's definitely not on their EP).