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November 6th, 2012

Database stuff [Nov. 6th, 2012|10:31 pm]
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I have been performing grotesque experiments on cute, innocent little databases lately and it looks like I've finally figured out a workable structure for one of my projects... but while doing so I've also noticed that Microsoft Access finally does something I've been wanting it to do for... probably just about all the time I've been using it.

The other night I changed the name of a couple of tables in a little database I'm going to split up and experiment on, and expected to have to, as I have always had to in the past, go into all the queries and reports which use data from that table and change each of the query and report fields from the now non-existent tables to tables that actually exist.

Except I didn't have to. Access had actually realised that the table name had changed and had done all the moving of links automatically.

This may sound like something that it should have done in any case, but all older versions of Access I've used wouldn't do that; they'd lose the links and need to have them all manually reinstated.

It is quite a red-letter event for something involving a Microsoft program to actually work. Maybe one of these days Access can actually pass itself off as being relational and I'll be able to start ignoring the database snobs who keep on telling me that I Shouldn't Be Using Access But Instead I Should Be Using One Of Those Big Expensive Database Programs That Will Take Me Ten Years Just To Learn The Language For.
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