November 21st, 2012

Santa Dalek

It's almost December...

... which means it's way past the time I should have done this. Although as the post office knocked its surface mail service on the head a couple of years back (now I have to send the cards airmail - there is no alternative) there's still plenty of time for anyone who wants a cheap, cheerful, colourfully New Zealand-specific card to sing out.

I've actually managed to unearth my address book well in advance this time, and I should be good to go with the cards within the next week or so, so if anyone has moved house, apartment, post office box or Usual Place of Abode in the last month, let me know here (all comments are screened, as usual, and you're welcome to leave a test message to make sure I haven't mucked up the journal entry coding).

If I haven't sent you a card before (especially if you're just seeing this on friends-of-friends or idle browsing) you're still welcome to take part. Just leave your postal address and enough of a name that the card gets to the right person, and the card will arrive in your country some time between the start of December, and Chinese New Year (the Post Office is not the world's most efficient organisation. In the last week or so, tens of thousands of 'missing' letters have been discovered dumped in a storage unit by a relief postie who obviously wasn't up to the job).

It's a card offer not a card exchange, so there's no requirement to reciprocate. If you want to post me a card, then by all means go ahead. My postal address is here (and if that link doesn't work, send me a message - or else let me know who you know that's a friend of mine so I can put you on the friends-list).

This year's cards are reasonably non-specific and shouldn't offend anyone (unless they live somewhere that pohutukawa has been declared a noxious weed. Apparently they really love certain bits of America a lot more than the residents of said bits of America love them). This year's stamps are again with the religious themes, although nothing particularly crass.