May 4th, 2013

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day Four

It all seems so innocent now... but back in 1981, it was a Dangerously Subversive Rebellion Against Authority. There were protests up and down the country... because the idiots then in Parliament had happily invited the South African rugby team to tour the country. The problem was that back then, South Africa was an international pariah which most of the world were trying to apply some gentle attitude adjustment to by judicious application of the cold shoulder. So there were protests, and police were told to shut down the protests, which they did, and the protestors took offence, and so on and so forth. The worst the police did was nothing compared with what's been going on in Britain lately, and as for the protestors, the worst they did was flour-bomb a rugby field... but it was still our very own, home-grown protest movement, and people are still grilled on What Side Were You On Then? (Most notably today's Prime Minister, who some time ago announced to general ridicule that he didn't think he had an opinion one way or the other. That's actually one of the few credible things that particular waste of valuable atoms has said in public: there can't have been any money in it for him to have an opinion either way, so he didn't have one.)

This song got unofficially adopted by the protest movement, due to it having been released at about the right time. The actual incident the song was written in response to was much less interesting: a routine closing-down of a mildly out-of-control concert in a public bar, or something like that.

And yes, they do look like the Wiggles. They don't sound like them, though.