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May 19th, 2013

New Zealand Music Month - Day Nineteen [May. 19th, 2013|10:12 pm]
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The Exponents, from way back when, before they dropped the "Dance" from their name. There is going to be a documentary on the band on TV some time this week - Wednesday night, I think, although I might be getting my days and/or weeks mixed up.

As for this song... don't worry if you can't make out what's going on; nobody else can either, except a rough guess that the kids were having fun when they wrote/recorded/filmed this.

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Doctor Who night, a few days late [May. 19th, 2013|11:20 pm]

I managed to see about three quarters of this week's episode tonight (the rest was talked through by other people) so comments are rather thin on the ground this week.

The Crimson HorrorCollapse )
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