May 28th, 2013

NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month - Day Twenty-eight

From Patea, which is fairly much the same end of the country as Stratford but is even smaller (you probably see most of the townsfolk in the video at some point or other).

This idea shouldn't have worked at all... what they did was take a choral song one of them had written, and record it accompanied by a backing track in the style of whatever was the latest dance craze at the time (I can't even recall what the music style was called, but it's the sort of sound you get when a primitive and (comparatively) cheap synthesizer is pushed way beyond its operating limits. At times it sounds worryingly like someone had left a space invaders machine running in the studio). So, it's fairly much two things that don't go well together at all.

It ended up being a reasonably big hit. Reasonably big, as in, the top selling 45 rpm record of the year.

The band have gone down in history as a one-hit wonder on the basis of this song being the only one of theirs that anyone remembers. They had other hits (the one record of theirs I actually got around to buying is something completely different again) but they're long forgotten by almost everyone.