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September 3rd, 2013

peeking out from under the pile of everything [Sep. 3rd, 2013|09:35 pm]

Another three months since the last entry. Time flies when you're absolutely snowed under with Things To Do.

Phoned the garage today because the car has to go in for a service some time in the next week or so. In reply I got a recorded message saying "hi there, since the economy is still down in the toilet we've sold up and moved on, thanks for your business during the last few years".

This means I'm going to have to find a garage within walking distance of either home or work in a huge rush. (Preferably close to work as it looks like I won't be able to get any time off for my usual mid-September shuffling-the-car-and-bikes-from-garage-to-garage project).

So it looks like tomorrow lunchtime is going to be spent on the phone. That's if I even get an uninterrupted lunchtime tomorrow - an uncommon happening these days.
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