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December 7th, 2013

Doctor Who half century [Dec. 7th, 2013|09:16 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |Renderers - "Forbidden Planet"]

I wasn't even able to get this typed up in the same month as I watched it. So much for 'quick' reviews. And having to read my own handwriting this long after it was originally written won't be helping its accuracy either.

Anyway, a certain TV show had its fiftieth anniversary special last month. You may have heard about it somewhere like the six o'clock news that night.

Bowtie Doctor, Sneakers Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, RoseCollapse )
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And as it's December... [Dec. 7th, 2013|09:32 pm]

... I presume everyone knows the drill by now. If anyone's shifted house in the last year or so, let me know in a comment (I've set comments to 'screened', but it would probably be safest to test them to make sure I've set things up the right way). Anyone who's interested will get a cheap, cheerful and rather trashy holiday card some time between now and Chinese New Year (probably later rather than sooner, considering how it's already a week into December and even mail from one end of this country to the other has been known to take 15 days to arrive at its destination).
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