March 31st, 2014


Has it really been three months?

... It must have been, going by the time stamps. Time really flies when you're too busy to get a decent night's sleep, never mind actually sit around on the internet and write anything.

Anyway. I have a little camera. It's almost worn out, even thought it's only three and a half years old (the general consensus is that it isn't the age that did it, it's the 80,000 or so photographs I took during those three years that did it. They've been scheduled to be up on the work web site Real Soon Now for a year or so without much happening in the meantime. But at least they're saved, backed up and (mostly) organised). I used to keep it in my backpack 'in case', although I haven't for the last few months.

The other day is about the first time an 'in case' actually happened. It was while I was picking up some mail from the post office. Outside the post office, right next to the door, is a hole-in-the-wall cash withdrawal machine. (I don't know what they're called overseas).

The other things that were right next to the door to the Post Office that day were a pair of dirty gumboots. That isn't particularly noteworthy in Invercargill. While Dunedin, up the road a bit, is a miniature city with all sorts of nooks and crannies and cultural life and an entire suburb which bends the fabric of space so that up is down, down is up and no road is the road you want to actually get out of there again. Invercargill is different. Invercargill is fundamentally a rather oversized rural town where most of the big industries are to do with the rural Southland Plains (the one main exception being an aluminium smelter). So many inner city businesses still respectfully request that you leave your dirty boots outside when going in to do anything.

This pair of boots wasn't just dumped next to the door in a heap, though. These boots were set out in front of the cash withdrawal machine, upright, about a foot apart, as if someone had just been getting their balance printed off when Something Happened to them.

I really wanted to just get a photograph of the boots and the machine, and caption it something like "Overdrawn". Maybe edit some smoke onto the picture somehow. (I don't have Photoshop, but apparently Irfanview does a lot more than I've ever actually used it to do).

* * *

One thing my little camera's still good for is taking the occasional photograph of something in the newspaper if it needs to be sent somewhere in a hurry (and it isn't up on the newspaper web site). Like an advertisement.

There's a rather worrying couple of townhouses on the market, just around the corner from me. Each townhouse comes with three beds, two cars, and a Dalek. The Dalek is, no doubt, preparing to chant "REAL-EST-ATE" at the next potential buyer it sees at an open home...

 photo REAL-EST-ATE.jpg