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"Listener" scores own-goal, ensures public attention is called to its misbehaviour

I've always been sceptical of global warming, for one very simple reason: My part of the globe isn't getting any warmer. Unfortunately there's very little in the way of rational scepticism in the whole global warming debate; most views are either "Oh no, we're all going to die unless we give up anything vaguely reminiscent of civilisation and all go back up into the trees" or "Global warming is all an evil pinko-commie-lesbian-Frenchie-Muslim-Jewish-government con and anyone who believes in it should be shot".

(New Zealand has its own example of the latter: the Climate Science Coalition. Despite its name, it does not appear to contain any climate scientists; the closest it ever had to scientific credibility was when its numbers included the (now late) Augie Auer: auto-cue reader, meteorologist and a good communicator. However, it is (or was, at least when it first came to prominence) headed by architect and failed town planner Owen McShane, and its numbers also include failed human being Roger Dewhurst (caution: link contains offensive material.))

The international global-warming-denier movement managed to get themselves in the news on the local blogsphere (or is it blogosphere? I can never remember) over the last week over an article I first read about here: that a columnist for the Listener (a not particularly glossy magazine that was, when I was young, bought by practically all families who owned a television set due to its having a monopoly on the advance publication of television programme schedules) had been sacked after various global-warming-denier groups demanded his removal for having a written outlining their close ties to businesses with a major interest in shutting down debate about global warming.

Then, as I first noticed here on Poneke (a media weblog, the authorship of which is a secret closely guarded from... anyone who has been living in a cave for the last ten years or so, or has never ventured onto the nz.* newsgroups), the Listener had got onto its lawyers, and instructed them to send the blog a nastygram; this resulted in the article as it is now visible here. Which, even for the Listener, is spectacularly stupid: there is nothing so certain to get a subject repeated all over the internet than to try to suppress it.

But the best comment on the whole debacle is from Tim Lambert here on Deltoid:
When you use lawyers to suppress people's views it kind of undercuts your claims that you didn't suppress Hansford's views.
Tags: censorship, global warming
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