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Icon meme, again

Another set of icon explanations in answer to this meme.

There's a catchy little tune that's been doing the rounds of the Internet with various sets of words applicable to various topics. The version with which I am most familiar is the Dalek Song. This icon has taken the basic idea of the first verse of the Dalek Song and applied it to the Doctors of Doctor Who itself. There have so far been ten Doctors, and all of them feature in this icon (although the actor playing the first Doctor isn't the original actor, who died several years before the "bloody lot of Doctors" photograph was taken).

The eagle-eyed will notice that the timing of the images doesn't fit the rhythm of the song itself. I intend to fix this if I ever get a program which can edit animated .gif images.

I often use this icon when: I'm talking about Doctor Who in a general sense.

A number of my friends in America work in customer service. As America is quite a diverse nation their customers celebrate a number of different holidays at various times during the (northern) winter; so, for that reason, their companies suggest that they greet customers with something like "Season's greetings" or "Happy holidays". Which to me sounds fair enough, but some people seem to take great offence to their own specific religion not getting a mention... and my friends end up the "meat in the sandwich", caught between company policy and a difficult customer.

I seem to have got a reputation that I "don't get mad", I "get satirical". So I chose a (northern) winter holiday which practically nobody celebrates by name any more and warped a somewhat trite saying I regularly hear off-line to fit. And, just in case anyone who did celebrate the holiday noticed the icon and felt left out, I tried my best to offend them as well by using the first thing modern people think of when they hear said ancient deity's name.

I often use this icon when: discussing intolerance or what I have seen referred to as "the invisible knapsack".

Once upon a time, back when I was young (so, make that the `seventies), there was a television show called "The Goodies". The content was... fairly difficult to describe. The most internationally understandable comparison I can make is that it plays out like one of the funnier Monty Python's Flying Circus sketches, stretched out to a half-hour episode. This isn't all that accurate a comparison (the show has more in common with The Goon Show in that its main cast are fairly regular characters, plunged into a bizarre situation each episode.

This icon is one of the most famous images from the series: a giant kitten climbing up the (British) Post Office Tower, a la King Kong. The episode itself was titled Kitten Kong, and the image of the kitten up the Post Office Tower was used in the start titles of the series for quite a while. These days the series is perhaps most (in)famous for this event, as recounted by Snopes.

I often use this icon when: feeling silly, or things are going haywire somewhere.

There isn't really all that much to say about this icon... It's just a painting of a wolf I found somewhere on the Internet (possibly from the results of one of those silly on-line quizzes) and very much liked the look of. I don't know anything about who painted it or if there's any story behind it.

One of the fandoms I'm in (for values of "in" which equal "fairly much just skirting on the periphery of") is that of werewolf stories or films. I don't talk about them a great lot here (I tend to get the "Boring" reaction if I do; and most of my friends from those fandoms don't have livejournals so I don't really have an audience); but it's the icon I'd use if I ever did post much on the subject. If I do ever use this icon, it's normally when I'm in a somewhat pissed-off mood, or if someone is "having a go" at one of my friends (there is a substantial intersection of the two moods).

For some reason this icon looks much better on LCD screens than on CRT. Must be something technical about it that I don't understand.
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